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Move Over, Diamonds. These Bracelets Are Forever, Too.

The life span of a welded chain depends on an individual’s lifestyle and activity. If people change their minds about permanence (or require an M.R.I., for example), the claspless bands can be easily snipped off using a pair of household scissors.

Alternatively, sturdier permanent pieces can require tools for fastening and removal. Since 1969, many Cartier Love Braceletshave been sold with a screwdriver (including the original design). “I keep one in my bag for tightening” about twice a month, said Ted Gibson, 55, a celebrity hairstylist and namesake of Starring by Ted Gibson in Los Angeles.

Mr. Gibson wears three Love Bracelets on his right wrist: one in rose gold that he bought 10 years ago in Cannes, France, and two (one gold, one white gold) that were given to him by his husband when he turned 50. The bangles have never been removed.

“I would be buried in the Cartier bracelets, but I’m going to be cremated, so that wouldn’t make sense,” Mr. Gibson said. “I want them to go to somebody in my family.”


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