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How To Use A Diffuser To Style Curly Hair & Minimize Frizz

Like many curly-haired girls, I have a dynamic relationship with my hair. Some days the curls spiral counterclockwise, forcing me to change my styling tactics. Other days the previous chemical damage (relaxers and Japanese hair straightening) overtakes them and alternates the pattern, and I’ll opt for a different concoction of products. Regardless of how my curls behave, over the years, my greatest trick to a good hair day (sans frizz and loads of shine) is drying my curls properly.

There are really two ways you can dry your curls: air drying and diffusing. When you air dry your hair, the water weighs down curls and elongates their pattern. When you use a diffuser, or the bowl-shaped blow dryer attachment, “curls will mold as they dry and set, encouraging the natural curl pattern” says texture expert and Mizani ambassador Ashley Lee. “With air drying, curls may fall flat, whereas diffusing promotes curl formation and a more springy look.” Translation: it’s a hero product for curls (and bonus, it’s often super affordable).

And because learning how to dry your hair is no easy feat, ahead, learn the tips and tricks on how to diffuse your curls for definition, shine, volume, and bounce straight from the pros. Plus, discover what hair texture is best for diffusers, products to prep the hair before diffusing, and the top diffusers on the market, according to hairstylists.

What Is A Diffuser?

Put simply, “a diffuser is a tool that helps you dry your hair without disturbing the curl pattern,” says Ted Gibson, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Lily Collins and Ashley Greene.


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