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Go Ahead and Tap That "Follow" Button on These 31 Game-Changing Black Hairstylists

Anyone who's been in a salon chair knows: a great hairstyle is more than a few slicks of pomade or a fancy parting comb. It takes skill and dexterity to transform a look from average to exemplary, plus a deep understanding of how to best manipulate each texture into something beautiful.

The problem is, there's a disproportionate number of pro stylists who understand how to work across all hair types — and, more specifically, the intricacies of Black hair — which means people with natural textures are often left out of the conversation. (This truth is so wide-sweeping, in fact, that last year, A-list actors like Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis, and Yvette Nicole Brown called out the lack of Black hairstylists who specialize in Hollywood.)


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