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Bangs, Bobs, and Bounce: Celebrity Hairstylists on How to Wear 2023’s Top Cuts

We’re just two months into 2023, and already a slate of distinct hair trends have emerged. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Emily Ratajkowski are experimenting with new colors and cuts—and when we say cuts, we mean cutting it all off. Riffs on bobs and mullets have abounded on red carpets, runways, and in street style snaps alike. No matter how comfortable you are with your current hairstyle, it might behoove you to live a little: try rocking a sexy shag cut or take off a few inches to sport a classic but forever fierce blunt bob. “People are experimenting with their hair a lot more since coming back into the real world,” notes London-based colorist Nicola Clarke, whose client list includes Cate Blanchett, Madonna, and Dua Lipa. Los Angeles-based hair virtuoso Adam Campbell, (the longtime stylist of Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and Liv Tyler) agrees, adding that “shag hair has definitely come back strong—especially longer hair shags this year. They will be emblematic of the ’70s Stevie Nicks, Farrah Fawcett, and current Kate Moss.”

Whatever hair journey you chose to embark on, we’ve consulted with the best of the best—the hair illuminati, if you will—hairstylists and colorists. They’ve predicted the trends that’ll be everywhere this year—and how you can use their all-time favorite tools and products to get in on the look.

Ted Gibson

Shorter Layers and Straighter Texture à la Joan Jett

“If you’re not wanting to go out and have sex after your haircut, I suggest you get a new hairdresser,” Ted Gibson tells me matter of factly over the phone. The hairstylist known for his $2400 cuts works with talents such as Tessa Thompson, Natasha Lyonne, Lily Collins, and Madelyn Cline. Gibson envisions this year’s hair trends will draw inspiration from a collage of earlier decades. “The haircuts catching like wildfire of late are a cross between 1980s Joan Jett and early 2000 Britney Spears, which consists of shorter layers, collapsed shape, and straighter texture,” he says. “In terms of color trends, if you are ombré-ing your hair, stop living in the past! I really don’t want to see dark roots and light ends. Instead, put in some bold strips of color from the scalp. They can be baby highlights or bold strips—I love a beautiful glowing brunette or a sexy bombshell blonde.”


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